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What We Do.

There is no success too small, no failure too big. Jobi Morrison and the FC1 team is here to help manage your wealth and debt.

Jobi Morrison

Financial Advisor

Finances Comes First was born out of a desire to assist clients in gaining control of their financial situation and working toward a stress-free, secure future. My dream and mission is to live in a world where fitness and finances don’t overtake your every thought, worry, or concern. We spend so much time on the daily trying to be free of these two huge areas of our lives and really could use all the help we can get.

“Keep Trying Till You Get It Right”
– Jobi Morrison

License #OJ06559


Jobi Morrison is a Licensed Professional and has (7) Seven years of experience in Financial Planning, and is specialized in the areas of:

  •  Life Insurance
  • Protection
  •  Estate Planning
  •  Retirement
  •  Private Pensions
  •  Long Term Care
  •  College Plans
  •  Debt Consolidation
  •  Emergency Funds


  •  Enthusiastic Financial Advisor with a history of exceedingly high standards and expectations
  • Excellent leadership skills with strengths in motivating, training, and developing financial plans and goals on all levels
  •  Outstanding public relations and abilities
  •  Strong commitment to the individual goals and objectives of my clientele


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 949-485-8386